Espresso Fabriek – hang out in Westergas industrial and park area

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Espresso Fabriek serves up good coffee and homemade sweets and snacks in a cool industrial type cafe.  Its got a big table with loads of magazines, and it’s a good spot to chill out and get away from the crowds.  Go for a walk or chill in the park next door.  On Sundays (but not every Sunday) there are markets on the estate.

Being a little bit out of the centre it’s a good place to see a wide variety of Amsterdammers.  You’ll probably find a hipster or two as well.


Westergas fabriek, West Amsterdam

Pictures of the wider Westergas area…….

het-terras-van-Raianrai-op-de-achtergrond-de-parkeergarage-1024x768 westergas avontuurlijk