EXPLORE – the cool Utrechtstraat, day and night

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Spend an hour or so wandering down the “cool” Utrectchstraat

  • Boutique clothing shops like Marc Jacobs, American Apparel,  Fred de la Bretoniere and independent stores selling clothes for young professionals, girls AND boys.
  • An array of classic Dutch shops been there for years
  • Gourmet take out food, juice shops, frozen yogurt, …
  • Cafes like Two for Joy, Bar Moustache
  • One of the coolest music shops left in existence…Concerto
  • Many good restaurants of all price ranges and gastronomy.

This website has a really cool visualization of Utrechtstrraat, you’re able to pan photos of the whole street:  http://www.nlstreets.nl/EN/shopping/amsterdam/utrechtsestraat–58/