FAVORITE parent friendly activities

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In Groningen:
– The markets in vismarkt on Saturday, but also Friday and Wednesday
– Kaap horn for lunch, followed by a walk around the top of the lake
– Canal boat tour, starting from near the train station
– walk up to the top of the martini tower

Outside Groningen :
– Drive or cycle (40m) to Garnwerd, a small village by a canal with a windmill and classic old Dutch cafe
– visit Schiemonikoog island for the day, cycle around and visit the beaches. 40mins drive plus passenger ferry.
– visit Giethoorn and rent a small boat or walk around the canals. Also known as Venice of the north, 1 hour drive
– visit Bourtange, a restored medieval village in a unique star shape and multiple fortifications, 1 hour drive
visit Orvelte, a small village with preserved buildings and way of life: glass blower, cheese maker, etc. Not touristy at all, but it is a nice blast to the past. Sunday often features markets and bands.
– visit Hindelopen, a lake side village in Friesland, or many of the others nearby like Stavoren or Sloten. Get some nice fresh fried fish, or stop by Lyf’s for a delicious lunch on the way there or back.