Hamburg – Overview of suburbs to hang out

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Hamburg is a city of 1million and has plenty of life outside of the city centre. We think you’ll really enjoy Hamburg if you grab a bike or take the metro out into the suburbs



On the northern side of the lake, a small strip of shops, restaurants and cafes that attract a upper class crowd.




St Pauli

Grungy and a mix of many things from hipsters to families to ethnic crowds.  Loads of boutique shops, cafes, restaurants scattered amongst the neighbourhood.



A street close to central city with cool boutique shops, cafes and restuarants.  It’s one of those streets that has been civilised but with graffiti preserved to give it a grungy feeling.  The shops and cafes attract a young professional crowd and there are plenty of places with outdoor seating or terraces.



Central city

An expansive inner city of shops.  Hamburg is one of the wealthiest cities in Germany so you’ll find a big range of pretty expensive shops including the more boutique like BCBG, 7 for mankind, Acne, etc.

The shopping is pretty damn good.


13-DSC_4062You’ll immediately be confronted with pretty seedy bars and strip joints, but you’ll also find the best array of nightclubs





To the western side of the Altona station is a mix of cool urban cafes and shops


08-DSC_4041A really lively area of cafes, bars and restaurants.  the pavements are wide and loads of tables and terraces fill it.  Just south west of the metro station.





Far out to the West of the city on the river.  A relatively posh suburb and everything you’d expect to serve these people a bit out of the main centre.