Mathallen: Renovated industrial area with cool restuants, bar and luxurious food market, Oslo

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Mathallen, Vulkan


From seafood restaurants specializing in mussels and fiskesoupe, to French style bistro with a wok of duck simmering and waiting to be loaded into a juicy sandwich.  This arcade in a renovated warehouse is bustling with cool food markets and restaurants serving a small menu of quality food fairly swiftly. It’s the cool new thing in Oslo, so expect it be be popular on Saturday’s .

Mathallen 2


Downstairs is also a cool bar/pub serving good sandwich style lunches and beer.  See the next post for more details.


Around the corner is Dognvill Bar and burger, with mean looking burgers.

Bar Vulkan
was recommended by a Oslo friend to be a cool place to hang out with friends, including a large terrace to enjoy the sun.  We’ll post more details soon when I find out what time of the day is best, it sounds promising.

Here are some comments from some recent press releases:


33 gourmet stores, bars and restaurants offer food from Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Asia – but the main focus is on a variety of high quality Norwegian produce. “We want Mathallen to be a place for everyone. From amateur cooks and people who happens to love eating and drinking – to professional chefs and restauranteurs. Mathallen is going to be a source of the best Norwegian and international delicacies”, says Frode Rønne Malmo, marketing director at Mathallen.

In Mathallen you can find what’s been described as ‘the best scallops in Norway’, as well as delicious, locally made cheese, hams, sausages, cider and beer. According to Rønne Malmo the ambition is to become a centre for Norwegian food culture – where you will be met with, and can share, culinary knowledge and understanding. A place to explore, to ask questions and to discover new flavours. “We want Mathallen to be a place – an attraction – where you can come and spend a day off with family and friends. Here you will be able to experience food closely – see, listen, taste and enjoy”, says Rønne Malmo.

Facts about Mathallen

  • Mathallen in Oslo is open Tuesday to Sunday – from early in the morning till late at night.
  • There are 33 shops, cafes, take aways and restaurants.
  • Mathallen used to be a steel melting factory and is located in a newly rebuild area of Oslo called Vulkan.
  • In the neighborhood there are several concert and dance stages, hotels, restaurants, creative colleges and offices.

MARIDALSVEIEN 17, Oslo  (in between central Oslo and Grunerloka)

Open Tuesday to Sunday – from early in the morning till late at night.


Date visited:  April 2013