Mountain biking in the Black Forest

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The Black forest has been rated as the best mountain biking in Germany by one of the top mountain biking magazines in Europe.  There is a but…..the nice single tracks are not all legal to ride on but it does depend on which province you in within the Black Forest.  Specially, it’s the trails that are less than 2m wide.

We were shown around by a local, in fact a heli-skiing guide who loves mountain biking in the offseason.  There are loads of trails all throughout the forest and not many other mountain bikers or even hikers you’ll meet on the trails.  Since the fun single trails are not really allowed to ride on then they’re unfortunately not well marked.   The trails are really nice, particularly when they’re dry.  They’re nice rolling type trails, and the incline is good, which means pretty much anything you go down is a good ride.  There are a few roots and rocks making it semi-technical, but not too much it’s only for the nutters.  That means, bring your girlfriend (so long as she’s done some before).  There are also loads of forest roads but really you’ll be using them to get to the trails.

The hills are between 400 and 1400m and you can choose to keep to the ridges if you don’t want to tire too quickly.

Even better, the downhill orientated riders will love the fact you can use the train the help get from the valleys to the peaks, when we were there we took the train form Hornberg to St Georgen.

The countryside is really beautiful, a mix of forests and meadows and arms cut amongst it.  The area is fairly alpine in style, and in fact in winter there is consistent snow cover making for great cross country skiing through the forest and even downhill skiing (but more for kids).

Anything else?  While there isn’t a load of info, there are frequent races you can join, and there’s a 1000km trail advertised which looks fun too.

Coming with people not into riding, just park them at some mountain huts which have really nice terasses and black forest gateau.  They don’t seem so easy to find in English references, but a couple we visited were great:  Schewden Schanze  and Fernberg

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