Quality coffee 69degrees North: Kaffebønna, Tromso

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Kaffebønna    —-    Eating/Café/Hangout

If you ever find yourself 69deg North and in need of a fix of quality cofffee, then you will be able to find it at this cool place.  The interior has the feel of a classic city café, with stools all around large windows looking out to the city square and watching Tromsonians (is that even a word) go by.  Free Wifi and good looking lunch café food.  There is also a branch at the shopping centre beside the airport, but this at Stortorget is the original.  Next door is a bakery for takeaway treats, by the same owner.

KaffeBonna 2

Stortorget 3

9008 Tromsø, Norway


Date visited:  April 2013