Ski touring in Lyngen, North Norway

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In the far north of Norway within the arctic circle, where summer greets the inhabitants only a few days a year, is home to epic spring skiing – long days, cold temperatures, and moisture….lots of pow!


This year a group of us travelled to the Lyngen alps to tour the peaks, ski steep lines and deep pow.  Jimmy Halverson was our guide and hooked us up with a sweet hut, part of the ski deal he has arranged with the Norwegian family that plays host to him and our cooks for each nights dinner.  The hut is located in Nord-Lenangen at the northern tip of the Lyngen alps and where arguably most of the classic tours are nearby.  In fact the hut is more luxury that the name suggests, it is a new 4 bedroomed 2 storied house with a lovely large living and dining area, and two showers to help freshen up the lads after a good days skiing.  In addition there is a sauna with a view towards the sweet lines laid earlier in the day, just on the other side of the fjord.


We all had an amazing time, and will be back again next year for more adventures and late spring couliour skiing. 16-DSC_5368