Taste the craft beer revolution in Amsterdam

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It’s pretty tough to buy anything other than Heineken and Hertog Jan, the Dutchies seem to stick to what’s treated them well for generations.  However some delicious brews, particularly my favorite IPA’s, are popping up around the city.  The more we spread the news the more we hop it’s catches on.  Here are some favorites we’ve found:

  • Brouwerij t Ij:  the original amsterdam craft brewery – now an established name, it’s got a great atmosphere both inside and one a large terrace.
  • Butchers tears:  A newbie micro-brewery and they’ve got some mean brews.  It’s a basic but cool bar located in an industrial area near the Olympic stadium.
  • Bar Tabac:  A classic bar in Jordaan and a favorite for summer days sitting beside the canal and afternoon sun.  They stock several brands of local craft beer.
  • Café van Leeuwen, Utretchsestraat.  Pretty similar vibe and range as Bar Tabac, located on Utrechtsestraat.
  • De Bierfabriek:  A massive range of local and international craft beers, a bit more commercial bar but quite cool.


The terrace at Brouwerij t’Ij

Brouwerij t ij 3

The outdoor space at Butchers Tears:

2014-05-24 17.03.13