The BOX – a classy evening venue for drinks and music

By on September 2, 2013. Posted in , , .

We stumbled upon this warehouse area just slightly north of the main Altona area.  It`s a really cool and funky interior which seems a great place to curl up on a winter day or in the evening.  It`s set out for small music events although it doesn`t seem as though it`s so frequent.

We visited during the daytime in mid summer so it was a bit dead, so we can`t vouch for when it`s pumping, however it does look promising as a semi-sophisticated place.

It serves food during the day and there`s also a kitchen store intermingled amongst the day time cafe with pretty cool stuff.


The Box
Borselstraße 16F
22765 Hamburg

07-DSC00497 05-DSC00488